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Master Maths logo Welcome to the Master Maths blog! Our aim is to

  • share useful experience and generate fruitful ideas how to
  • improve mathematics education from high school to PhD,
  • also promote rigorous mathematical thinking, so we will
  • reward first correct public answers to our regular riddles.

Our UK website http://master-maths.co.uk has the following sections:

  • Courses page: our distance courses for maths candidates to
    top UK universities: MAT paper, Oxbridge interview, STEP exams
  • Master Maths blog: how to master mathematics and other educational stories
  • Summer schools: information about our past Master Maths schools in 2010-2012,
    we hope to shortly replace this section by a collection of our free maths resources
  • Enrol or contact us: an anonymous contact form if you would like to ask questions
  • About us: more details about Master Maths Llp and links to our free resources
  • Login to tutorials: link to web tutorials for entrance exams at top UK universities.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you could leave a reply below or e-mail Master Maths blogger. You could write formulae as [ latex ] E=mc^2 [ /latex ] without spaces, which produces \(E=mc^2\). All comments are moderated at the moment, your name and e-mail are required. However, you may use a nickname and any anonymous e-mail. A very polite request to spammers: please don’t waste your and our time, all irrelevant comments are removed.

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